Expensive or cheap wheels?

Multiple difference in the prices of automotive wheels of the same size buyer give birth to a dead end. The first question asked by the buyers at the sight of such a discrepancy in prices, “does it make sense to take expensive?”


The main thing to remember, road wheels should perform its main function – to ensure the security and not to lose its aesthetic appearance. It is important to decide what type of drive you need.

So what is included in the price? First of all – the cost of the disk, it means the cost of the alloy, factory workers payment, transport costs, advertising and other expenses. In the second place – a payment for the brand. As more well-known brand is, so greater the confidence in him and, as a rule, the higher price. Of course, well-known manufacturing plants of alloy wheels usually provide a higher quality metal alloy. It gives greater guarantee of safety. The quality of the coating of disk can affect the price. Even though it does not affect the self-drive, but the aesthetic aspect is important for the buyer. Otherwise, why we should buy new wheels? Typically, 80% of cases disks are bought only to change the appearance of the car.

Preparation of the car for the winter

The first step is to diagnose the chassis. It contains the following procedures:

  • inspection of condition of all parts of rubber without exception (bushings, sleeves and shock absorbers etc…) and, if necessary, to replace them;
  • determine the performance of ball bearings, bearings, for front wheel drive cars – state of grenades;
  • checking of the oil level in a transmission and drive axle, leakage detection and elimination;
  • adjustable clutch and control the status of all components of drive-line and others.

car for the winter

The next stage is the engine. It is necessary to:

  • hold the replacement of engine oil and oil filter (choose oil viscosity should be at the rate of average temperature indicators);
  • exercise control coolant level and, if necessary, top up or its complete replacement;
  • check the status of the sensor temperature and the pressure of oil and antifreeze.

Inspection of the brake system is also one of the most important procedures. It is not worth saving in this case and the best result is to make everything as well as possible. It should be remembered that in winter vehicle stopping distances is much greater than in the summer, and even slight wear of the pads or light leakage of fluid can lead to very adverse consequences.

Repair of car engine

Unfortunately, the any engine, even of very, very high-end car is not able to work without interruption ever. And one way or another, but there comes a time when the motor starts to make noise, knock, consume more oil, allocate blue smoke, work and start unstable. At this point, it’s time to turn to the experts – in a professional auto repair, which is carried out repairs of the engine.

Repair of car engine

However, it is recommended to apply only such center, carrying out repair of motor vehicles, where there are three important components. And what is it? Firstly, highly qualified specialists, properly trained. Second, specialized equipment for repair. And third, the original service documentation, without which they can’t do repair of any complex.

It is important to understand that if you are experiencing the symptoms listed above, it is likely that you will find a quite serious repair. And to avoid unnecessary costs and time, and nerves, car specialists recommend high quality care for your motor engine. Namely – to change consumables in time and to fill only a high-quality motor oil.

Tinting of the car windows – attractiveness and safety

Tinting of the car windows – attractiveness and safety.

One cannot but agree that the car with the tinted windows looks much more attractive. Though on one hand, such tuning is a little unusual, it is used by almost all the car lovers.

Tinting of the car windows

Usually, all the color filters, located on a glass surface in the majority of the new cars, represent a special layer of retro-reflective film. Such tinting significantly changes the look of your car and makes the glass much darker than usual. Moreover, it has a large number of physical properties, such as UV rays transmissions, etc.

Therefore, sitting in the car saloon, you’ll be able to see everything happening outside, while the passersby will see only the black cover, and not the things happening inside your car.

Another advantage of the tinted windows is that the glass won’t be shattered in case of a car accident, as it is hold by the tinting film. Therefore, neither you nor your passengers will get hurt. And if the accident isn’t serious, you can easily get to the nearest workshop to buy the new glasses for your iron friend.

Roof rack: an indispensable assistant of the driver

Roof rack: an indispensable assistant of the driver.

Most drivers, especially those who love to travel, or who have a vacation home, noted the need to purchase roof rack. No matter what car do you have, whether it is a normal passenger car or SUV, roof rack shortage is felt immediately, as soon as you’re going somewhere, or buy the same overall equipment for the home. You immediately understand that the built-in boot is still not enough, no matter how it is spaciousness. Now it is an idea of buying on the roof of the trunk of the car.Roof rack

Moreover, going beyond the trunk for a car, you need to know that they are different types of fastening and among them are the racks with longitudinal arches, also called roof rails. There are racks for cars with a smooth roof, there are racks for cars with rain gutters.

Besides roof racks today manufacturers of accessories and add-ons offer to cars special accessories that attached to the trunk. It can be a closed rack that protects things from the weather and the mount for bikes, skis, snowboards, special baskets.