Tips for safe driving in the autumn

Observe the speed limit. On wet pavement stopping distance increases by almost half, and stability on the road is not the same.
driving in the autumn
Be careful in maneuvering. Forget the hustle and bustle of summer traffic, endless transpositions of a series in a row, unnecessary permutations and steep turns. It is better to eliminate all unnecessary maneuvers, especially during driving in heavy traffic, in the rain, in poor visibility.

Evaluate the condition of the roads. Night frosts covered the road with a thin film of ice, invisible to the eyes of the driver, and turn them into a kind of ice tracks of the stadium.

Pay attention to the machines which are going from the fields and construction sites. Here on asphalt trucks there are so much dirt that the roads turn into broken coats. At such sites, your car stopped reacting to the steering wheel and does not respond to the inhibition.

Check the technical condition of your car. We hope everyone understands that it is impossible to drive on summer tires with defective brakes, interior heater and wiper, and an improperly adjusted headlights!